Homeschool Days: Water Technology (Grades 4th-7th)

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Wednesday September 27

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10:00 AM  –  11:20 AM

Maymont’s field investigation programs are a great option for homeschooled students! Enrich your student’s environmental science, history and social studies with hands-on experiences and interactive learning tools that take advantage of Maymont’s new facilities as well as the historic 100-acre landscape.


About the Program: Water Technology (grades 4-7)

Explore Maymont and learn about innovations in the use of water and coal
resources for households and industries in the early 20th century. Participants will compare and contrast resources, domestic life and industrialization in the past versus the present through digital experiences, primary sources and artifacts.


Additional Information

Free parking is available at the Historic Estate Entrance located at 1700 Hampton Street. The program will take place in the Active Learning Classroom located in the Stone Barn Welcome Center. 

For questions, contact the Programming and Community Engagement Coordinator or (804) 358-7166, ext. 304.